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•IE organises an Annual Sponsored Walk and other sponsored events for those wanting to raise funds; 

•Donations of quality equipment, furniture & other items are always accepted with the shipping costs; 

•Visits and volunteering opportunities are always encouraged and supported to work at the School; 

•Individual sponsorship of pupils or teacher training can be arranged for hands-on development; 

•And any other ways YOU want to help grow BTSE!

Angela Meets The Damphas

Angela goes to Gambia to meet Fatoumata

This is an exciting time for us here as we draw closer to our 10 years of development in the Gambia and especially at Bojang Tamba School of Excellence.  Our new sponsors are as equally invigorated, and it is good to mention one of our new sponsors Angela who recently joined our story to continue adding chapters of her own.

Sponsoring a child at BTSE, isn’t just about enabling one of our future fruits to get the right start in their life but also about us sharing of ourselves to re-energise our spirit. Angela sponsored one of our new pupils in Nursery 1 and was keen to meet up with her on an overdue visit to the Gambia. On her return to the UK, I could sense that apart from her increased enthusiasm, she had been touched by the beauty and raw-ality of the Gambia and in particular that of the African Family. The pictures of her trip speak for themselves and when asked to summarise her trip she wrote:


Life is full of memories, events, moments and experiences, some memories in life are good and some not so good. Everyone has a memory that they will never forget and for me travelling to the Gambia for the first time and meeting the Nursery Children/Staff from the Bojang Tamba School of Excellence will stay in my heart forever!

Peace & Love to All Angela

Thank you Sista Angela for the endorsement of our works and what we are trying to achieve in our School.

Thank you also for reminding us "What value is Wisdom that does not bow at the laughter of children?"


Meeting the BTSE Pupils and The Dampha Family

Good Start to 2020

We have had a host of visitors who have paid a visit to the School even as the new term started.

In February 2020 Bobby and Dereck present a cheque for five hundred pounds to the School for the running costs - your consistency and energy are legendary. Asante sana!

Much Love and Respects go to Danny Pink, Director of UBUNTU Social Living Network UK and founder member of the Black Fathers Support Group. He visited the School in December and shared some insight with the BTSE staff.

Love and Honour extended to longtime Sponsor, supporter of our work in the Gambia, owner of Garvey Lodge, Business Entrepreneur and all-round good man Norman Murray and wife Miriam who paid a visit to the school to check on their 'Child' Fatima and have a chat with the Acting Head Teacher Lamin about our plans for 2020.

Once again, more donations have poured in particularly from Brothers Derek, Bobby and Colin through AG Associates. Our School and Pupils really feel the Love... feel the love!

December 2019 Sponsor Support

A Lesson in Learning

One of our Associate members Gerry Ranks tookm some time out and flew to the Gambia from the UK to check out if the pupils were learning and to spend a few days in the classroom with them.

Big up Gerry for your Outernational strength! 

A Sponsor delivers some books

Volunteers give a Lesson